Self Evaluation of My Blog

Throughout the challenge I have posted seventeen posts and this would be my 18th post. All 18 posts have been school related, none have been my own interests. Over all these posts I have received nine comments on them. My post “Middle School Problems Part 2: Cliques and bullies” received the most comments. I think it received the most comments because bullies and cliques are a huge problem in almost every school so students could relate to my post about it. I enjoyed writing my post Week 9: “Count Out Three” Game Post. I changed my blog theme once I created my blog. I have a total of 13 widgets, some came with the blog and some I created. One of my widgets is my blog roll, on my blog I have 3 people overseas and the rest in the U.S.A. Overall I think my blog is very organized and informational.

Week 9: “Count Out to Three” Game Post

This week during the “Count Out to Three” game I visited people from different countries like Columbia, Australia, and the U.S. Lots of people talked about the sports they are in, clubs they are in, their personal life, and other things besides blog challenge posts.One blogger even had trailers for movies in her posts. In my comments I asked the blogger questions about their post and my thoughts on their post. On most of the blogger’s blog rolls they had people from their classes, overseas people, clubs, and the student blogging challenge homepage. The bloggers I visited are: Raiven Burd, Bubbles, Anahi, Emma, Riley, Angie, Maya, Amanda, and Hannah.Over all I saw some very cool blogs and learned a lot.

Week 8: Digital Dossier

I have joined some sites on the internet. I have joined Facebook, Pintrest, Gmail, Prezi, and this blog. I have given these sites my email, my name, country, and state. I have never filled out an asterisk question. When I Google searched my name I found letters from my church that had my name in them, I found a picture of my softball team in the newspaper from last year, I found my track team website, my Facebook account, I found the second quarter high honor roll with my name in it, and I also found a picture of me and my friend Shanna. I left a total of eight footprints. In conclusion I have realized to set some privacy settings on Facebook.

Week 6 post!

Question 5 answer: I would enjoy working somewhere creative, I am not sure whatthough.

Question 6 answer: The reason some student work harder in school is because they care about their grade, as for the other students they could care less and they just want to pass. this does not have to do with where you or your parents come from.

Question 7 answer: Technology has changed the way we worked by letting us work on computers. Before computers the workers had to write everything on paper. All the files were in folders, now we still have files in the folders but they are stored on a computer hard drive.

Question 8 answer: My mom had to go to college in order to get her job. She need to be able to work with a computer and make advertisements.

Question 9 answer: Laziness at work would be a lot more noticeable because you have to get a certain amount of work done or you would get in huge trouble. But at school, you can take the work you didn’t get done home as homework.

Question 10 answer: Yes, it can effect your job decision in your future. If you are not good with computers you are not going to go to have a job that you are not good at because you will not get good payment.

Question 11 answer: You need to go to college to get the skills for a job. I am sure there is blogs out there about jobs I would like to do. Having a blog outside of school could help me by doing things that I would hav eto do for a job some day on the blog.

Week 5: How to add a picture.

In order to add a picture and link a picture to your blog, you have to find a picture. Some places to find a picture is Google images and other photography cites. The steps to adding and linking a picture to your blog are:

1. Find a picture at a website

2. Copy and paste the image to your blog post

3. Copy and paste the URL into your blog post

4. Cite your attribution, or where your photo came from